Monday, October 1, 2012

California Part 2

Its true, Disneyland is happiest place on earth! I couldn't wipe a smile off my face the entire time. And I'm pretty sure Grandma Barb was the same way. Little did she know, her birthday getaway ended up being in Disneyland where all of her 10 grand kids were there to surprise her. Grandma's reaction was priceless. She laughed and cried all at once!
Happy 75th Birthday Grandma!!

We spent the rest of the time running from ride to ride trying to get all of our favorites in. I felt like a little kid again (which never felt so good)! Our fav's were the new Cars ride, Toy story and Splash Mountain. This was mine and Chases first time in Disneyland together. Everything is better when that boy is around.

Yeah.... I don't know this guy...but I couldn't resist asking for a picture! 
That baby hat is too good.

Thanks to Mickey and Minnie...for letting us thrive in your territory.  I'm sure we will be back once we catch up on some lost sleep! :)

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