Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Are One Year Older!

Our family had two special birthdays in September. My darling mom and sister Brianna. Man oh man, these two make my world go around. Chase and I loved celebrating their special days with them. Happy Birthday you two!!

I am extremely grateful for my Mom. I love her with all my heart. She is one of my very best friends. My mom is such a good example to me. She is so good at making sure everyone is always happy and things are running smoothly. She has such a tender heart. The littlest things fill her eyes with tears. My mom see's beauty in everyone and everything. I am so grateful for her positive outlook on life. I just wish that one day I could at least be half the woman that she is today.

I owe everything to my sweet mom. But I especially owe her for:

-Not a single broken bone or stitches. She always made sure I looked both ways and never ran with a fork in my mouth. We called her a "worry wart" but I'm sure thankful that someone always watched out for me.
-Giving my the gospel. This is the greatest gift she could have ever given me. She has the strongest testimony and it shines right through her. She taught me at a young age the importance of going to church and living the gospel to its fullest.
-Giving me "the water works" Everytime I cry over something sentimental, I know exactly where that gene came from. :)
-Giving me her creative hands. She is so crafty and can make anything look adorable.
-For making me a gamer. haha oh man, it is not a secret that she loves games and so do I. We are both always down for a fun board game.
-Giving me her feet. Chase and I always laugh about how we have the exact same toesies. They are a perfect reminder of her!
-For always being there for me. Through the thick and thin, she is always there.

I Love You Mom!

 Isn't she so pretty? Gosh I love that lady. 
Happy 25th Birthday! haha

Here we have little Miss bumble bee's birthday. I cannot help but get teary eyed when I think of BB. I always say that I am convinced her heart is made of pure gold. It is really hard to not love this girl.  My favorite memory of her is when I was in middle school. She would beg me to wake her up at 5:00am just to help me get ready for school. We always had a goal to get ready as fast as we could just so we could have enough time to play a game(told you i am a gamer). I will never forget breaking out the Uno cards at six in the morning before I had to leave for school. haha She is seriously the best. Bb is ALWAYS happy and probably the most giving person in this entire world. I am so grateful I get her in my life forever!

Love you BBi Chocolate Milk!

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