Friday, October 12, 2012

Spiritually Fed.

Chase and I had a complete blast with our family in town(but that's to be expected). We were so excited that we couldn't stop telling each other how excited we were. haha dorks. It really is such a treat to be able to spend time with them. Lucky for us, we got to see them twice in one month! 
Since Chase's birthday is right around the corner, he got SPOILED. His parents bought him new clothes, shoes, tires for his car and the new IPHONE 5. Wahh! Yesterday, Chase look down at his new phone and said in the most serious voice, 
"...its just so pretty." 
I have to admit... it really is. But for the record, Siri knows she will never be Chase's number one. And she also knows exactly who 'her masters' wife is. Good Siri.

Within a second that the prophet walked in, I felt his sweet spirit. Chills ran up my spine until I squeezed Chase's hand a little tighter. ah, There is just something about being able to watch conference in person that makes it that much more special. I left that place with clear understanding of the saviors love for me. He seems to always answer my questions and send me away with new personal goals. I am so grateful for the time we were able to spend with the people we love most, while listening to the ones who love us most.

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