Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Prancer...

Thanks for being the best gift under the christmas tree 13 years ago. Thank you for loving us girls even though we dressed you up in doll clothes.  Thanks for always protecting me whenever there was a thunderstorm. Thank you for always warming up my cold feetsies. Thank you for always playing and jumping in the snow with us. Thank you for laying right on top of our board games. Thank you for having 5 adorable puppies. Thank you for always catching people toilet papering us. Thank you for being apart of our family for so many years! You were the best dog us Carroll girls could ever asked for and we will forever miss you.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Resolutions

              So.. Here I go blogging again. I act like this is normal or something....but the truth is, I kinda like blogging! haha I like to organize all my thoughts in this crazy head of mine. Plus, I am convinced that ONE DAY,( day), I will be grateful that I can look back on all these memories of Chase and I.
               Over Thanksgiving, I got talking to Chase's amazing Grandpa. That man seems to have everything in life figured out.  He is such a wise, spiritual giant. But we got talking about school and its importance. I explained that with two and half more years to go, I feel like there is no light at the end of that dang tunnel. Grandpa Kent was quick to tell me that his absolute favorite part to look back on was when he and his cute wife first got married. He said that it was really hard and sometimes stressful to go to school, make a living and still have time for each other. But he added that it really was the greatest time in life. He sat back and told me to enjoy ever minute of it.  I don't think Grandpa Kent knew how much he influenced me that day. Its almost like an electric shock went right through me and made every inch of my body realize that fancy cars, clothes or anything materialistic really didn't matter. Life is about the people we surround ourselves with and who we become. Anyway. that kind of got serious. Aaaand Im not saying that I am perfect. By all means, I love to shop and get new things but I think that conversation was a great jump start to a new year. I walked away feeling more wise and dedicated to school, and the people around me.  The point is, I have a feeling that 2012 has so much in store for me!
Here is to 2012 and kicking resolution boootayy.

Ashley Richards Resolutions For 2012:

Be Strong- Work out AT LEAST 4x a week- strengthen every muscle group once a week. Be faithful to cardio. AND train/run at least 1 marathon this year.
Be Smart- Dedicate 100% to school. Don't miss class and get good grades. Also, this year is the year to Apply and get accepted to a Dental Hygiene school. yay!
Be Healthy- Learn to cook at least 30 new meals that are healthy, delicious and nutritious! I want to have a wonderful list of dinners that both Chase and I love to cook and eat! Also, I cant forget to eat healthy snacks!
Be Wise- Devote more time to daily scripture study with and without Chase. Continue to go to the temple once a week. Be sure to really kneel in prayer morning & night. Exceed in church callings by being a great sunday school teacher.
Be Happy- Remember to be grateful & humble, date Chase regularly, treasure the small things, look for beauty in everything, do things I enjoy, and always put others first.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye 2011... You Were Good To Us!

                 Is it weird for being sad that 2011 is over? Ah I just never want to move on from this perfect year! Chase and I have had so many fun memories in 2011. There has been lots of firsts for the both of us! Its crazy to think of how our relationship this time last year in comparison to now. I never knew I could love someone so much!! Before I switch gears into 2012, I just have to reminisce a little on...
 ALL THE HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011!! (Beware this is a long post but like I said, this is my new journal! Embrace yourself)

This was the first picture chase and I had ever been in together. It was our second date! Chaser swept me off my feet at the bowling alley. Who woulda guessed?? and thats how my excellent bowling skills came in handy!(JK I'm a terrible bowler.)  Its weird that at the time I didn't know anyone that was with us and now these are some of our best friends! One memory I will never forget from this night is all our little bets Chase and I made in between each bowling round. :) It called for a good good time.
I fell so hard and so fast for that boy...
This was my first trip to Arizona to meet Chase's family! We were SOO excited to be in Arizona together, so we went boating despite the 40 degree water! BRRR 

Little did I know, these two would one day be my in-laws. I love Chases family so much!

This was our first Valentines day together! Chase surprised me by waking me up to this darling breakfast. He made french toast, sausage and eggs (my all time fav)! He also had a cute card with an itinerary of all the things he had planned for that evening. He is the best valentine ever!
Happy V-Day!

 Chase and I have spent EVERY day together since our second date. haha we are STILL yet to get sick of each other! (This is our sweet fort)

April brought us our first Easter!! The easter bunny treated us well :)

In May, Chase BLEW ME AWAY by proposing with my dream ring. 
 Ahhh I will never forget the 12 dozen of roses he left me with that day. I didn't have enough vases so I resorted to anything and everything that could hold water. Gosh I wish I could have that many flowers everyday. They were so pretty, smelt so so good and just meant the world to me!
One of my favorite things about that boy is how much he surprises me!
Once June and July came, I was a mad women planning my OWN wedding! I didn't even feel real! I literally spent all day everyday with my florist, band, caterers, invitations, etc. I was driving to appointments, always on the phone, and up at my grandpas house making sure everything would be perfect. I had no idea how much you have to think of and do when it comes to a wedding. However, I could not have done it without my family, friends and venders! It really was a blast!
Overall, I had to say the best part was actually being able to see how everything came together!

While planning the wedding, Chase and I spent every second with each other!

 Good Ol' Bees game on the 4th of July!

 I turned 20 this year!

 Chase and I went 80's dancing with these crazies. It was Chase's first time ever!
Def a highlight of 2011

We took our engagement pictures!

We got to celebrate Curt and Terry's 20 year anniversary! Yay!!

We got to meet this beauty! Chase's family got a brand new Mastercraft! For sure makes the highlight list of 2011.

I got to meet Chase's Arizona friends! This was his bachelor party!

I loved this night! My family and Chase's all got together and went out to dinner for the first time. I dont think there is anything better than being in a single room with the ones we love the most! 

 I got my endowments taken out! (Mom is a babe)
My cute sissys!!
More family kept piling in from out of town just for the wedding! Made my entire year to see them!!

August 11th 2011, was the biggest day of my life! I married my best friend in the Salt Lake Temple for all time and eternity. Seriously the best decision i have ever made. I love Chaser so much!

 mmm... such a babe

 All of our very best friends!

Our honeymoon was the bomb dot com. haha We got to spend one week in heaven on the hawaiian islands. Best trip I've ever been on! Chase really knows how to make me feel like a princess.

I cant wait to one day go back!

Once we returned,  we had lots to come home to!!

 This was before we had any furniture...
One thing I love is how handy Chase is. I feel like that little gift just comes so natural to men. I tried helping him a little but I realized Chase is faster without my help haha I screwed in a couple here and there then ended up painting my toesies! In the meantime, he put together.... 
We also bought our first bed!!
I hiked to the Y for the first time EVER. Weird considering I have lived in P-town for three years. Its actually a way fun hike and gorgeous!
This year Chase turned 25!!

We hung out with these cuties a lot!
Halloween 2011!

 We got our first christmas tree!!

Spent our first Christmas together at the Carrolls!!
BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!! I am even more excited to see what 2012 brings! Here is to an amazing year ahead! Im sure it will be full of new memories, friends, adventures, goals and experiences! Thanks for reading! xoxo