Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey, Who'd You Learn That From?

Chase and I have been married for a little over a year now and I cannot help but laugh when I notice little things we have picked up from each other. I mean, its only been one year and we are practically finishing each others sentences. I cant even image what we will be like in the next five, or ten years... you may have to call us Siamese twins! ha! I love that boy so much. I am extremely grateful that we are always on the same page and that he always understands. Like Always.

What Chase Has Picked Up From Me:
-Cleaning the house is way better with music on
-If there is a spider in the house, just kill it. It's not funny to mess with spiders
-We can still be happy after having a splurge eating day. And pazookies are worth the splurge.
-Making to do lists is necessary for getting things done.
-Milk is dang good...Especially if its cold
-Grab your towel BEFORE you get in the shower so you don't have to run around like your head is cut off
-Ending every convo on the phone with "talk to ya soon" or "keep in touch"
-Adding "so much" to the end of every phrase.. "thank you so much, love you so much..etc."

What I Have Picked Up From Chase:
-Sleeping with a fan is actually pretty great
-How to buy ONLY healthy food at the grocery store. No snacks
-Waking up at 5 am to go to the gym actually does get easier and it is theeee best way to start a day.
-Asparagus and pizza crust are friends, not foes
-Its much easier to concentrate while having a concentration face. (I pucker my lips all the time)
-There is such thing as going over board with sweets and it makes me feel crummy.
-Dancing in the shower is kinda fun
-Only one alarm is needed to wake up. (Still haven't mastered this one)

you are the cheese to my macaroni, husband. i love you.

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  1. So cute Ash. We love you guys (so much!). Lets togetha soon!