Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Had a "Fairly" Good Time.

This is a little late, but a couple weekends ago, Chase and I went to the  
Utah State Fair!
            I always look forward to this lovely event. It is a treat listening to a live band, riding spiny rides, eating funnel cake & kettle corn, petting unusual animals and of coarse trying the newest deep fried delicacy.

            This year Chase ate FRIED JELLO. Yep, FRIED! He said it tasted like "lime kalamari!"haha To say the least, we had a complete blast with all our friends.  Next year, I plan on bringing just one thing; A comfy chair. Then I could kick back and enjoy the unique crowd that the fair brings in. Man, do I love to people watch at those things.

"FAIR"well till' next year!

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