Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mona Rope Swing

I am very grateful for yesterday. I needed the time to stop stressing about the fact that my "to do" list will most-likely, never get done. Yesterday was a perfect 83 degree, September day. I mean, I got to spend time at a gorgeous lake with my lover and our best friends! Chase and I really love Bryan and Marykate. We could probably hang out with them Chase and Bryan have been best friends for a couple years and he married Marykate almost a year ago. Marykate and I have become the best of friends! I love that girl. All four of us together make the perfect quad. We spend the rest of the evening at my absolute fav place, The Happy Sumo. Yum.

I learned 4 things today:
1. The Mona Rope Swing is a summer MUST DO. I am sad that all my past summers have been missing out.
2. Remember: stay and watch people on the rope swing, because there are some pretty hilarious sounds people make mid air.
3. If you know you love a certain sushi roll, do NOT try a new one because you will always be disappointed. Annnd the Vegas roll will probably miss you just as much as you missed it.
4. Chase really is the boy I always dreamed of marrying. He is perfect! Inside and out. (But, i already knew that.)

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