Monday, August 27, 2012

River Rafting Rats!!

This past weekend, we got this darling crew together and hit the Provo River! I thought floating the river was going to be fun, but my goodness it BLEW past my expectations. It was a RIOT!!{Especially with this group!}
Top 5 Highlights:
1- Watching an old man get air on the rope swing!! haha
2- Brad ripping moss off bottom of the river and wearing it as a wig!
3- The 3 Tongans that cannon balled right in a row and completely DRENCHED everyone. Yet, they didn't crack a smile or say a single word. haha it was straight up awkward.
4- Watching Kasey Feller hit a bush, flip the tube and scramble to help Janey get out of the freezing, shallow, rocky water! hahaha
5-Getting wayyy to close for comfort next to the huge family on a boat. Then watching the huge boat bump Jade and Dallin off into the bushes!!

 It was the perfect people, day and ride. Afterwards, everyone came over for a little BBQ. I have to add, it was our first little party at our little apartment. Complete Success! Thanks everyone for such a fun day! xoxo

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