Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Dear school,
I am excited that you started yesterday, but please oh please don't leave me with too much homework...I would still love to have a life.

Dear Sherlock Holmes,
I am sincerely sorry for falling asleep {every single time} we turn you on. No matter how many times it takes, I promise to eventually finish you.

Dear haystack cookies,
please go away so that I don't eat every last bit of you.

Dear blow up mattress,
We are lucky to have you. You are easy to blowup/deflate, which means we get to use you every.single.night.

Dear Morg & Bb,
I cannot believe you are a both freshman!{in college & high school} You better call me on a regular basis and tell me about those boys chasing you.

Dear dirty diaper on the road,
I am mad at your owner because now I have a smelly tire.

Dear watermelon,
I am obsessed with you.

Dear dream puppy,
We still think and talk about you all the time. I promise we will buy you someday.

Dear Husband,
please come home from work... i am really missing you.

              Ashley Richards

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