Friday, August 17, 2012

10 Things I Love About You.

I have lived with Chase for over 365 days. And that does not include all the time we spent together while dating {which, i was with him everyday since our first date}. Moral of the story, I have learned A TON about that kid. Like more than I have ever known about anyone. Even my sisters. Sooooo I have put together a little list of corky, cute and hilarious things I have learned about my darling boy.


1- No matter how hard Chase tries, he never seems to clean up all of his facial hairs that he shaves off around our sink. I am convinced that I will never have a spotless sink again!!!Well... until one day when we both have our own.
2. A good night for most people is going to the nearest pizza place and renting a movie. Not for Chase... the "perfect" night for him consists of going to the gym and ending the night with chicken and vegetables for dinner. {I'm not complaining but man, I'm always down for some pizza}
3. I can talk Chase into doing anything for me... in exchange for a back tickle. And when I tickle his back, he falls over like a limp puppy because he loves it so much. hahaha
4. Chase is the biggest cuddler{prob one of my favorite things about him}. He wakes up in the middle of the night just to get back into "cuddling position" haha
5. Chase is also a very good listener/rememberer. haha Like extremely good. He can remember things I told him from on our first date down to what color my nail polish was{k i'm not sure if he really does remembers my nail polish but I would not be surprised}.
6. I have come to realize that Chase is always happy, nice & in a good mood. I thought it would fade but that kid puts a smile on everyones face! I love him for it! I'm still in the processes of trying to become like him.
7. Chase can make me laugh like no ones business. Whether he is shakin his bum or makeing up a rap, he is hilarious and my own personal comedian.
8. I am convinced that he was a dermatologist in the previous life. Mostly because Chase is obsessed with peeling skin, zits, scabs haha anything on the human body, you name it, he loves it.
9. Whenever chase gets frustrated, he prays. And it is the cutest thing in the entire world. After a sweet prayer by himself, he comes right back with a smile on his face!
10. That boy is a twitching king he usually twitches about 13 times before he falls asleep. Which then, he will usually have an accidental twitching punch to my head which wakes both of us up and restarts the twitching countdown. 
11. Chase is a smarty pants. He can study in half the time that I do, and score way better than me.

I love him!! SOOO MUCH!

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