Thursday, August 2, 2012

Favorite Month Yet!

July 2012
Here is a little of what we have been up to this past month!

-We spent the first part of July finishing up our summer trip in North Dakota and Arizona.
-Chase found $20.00 at the airport... and...we were convinced that karma is real.
-We went boating which topped the whole summer
-I got to curl up next to my babe and watch gorgeous fireworks
-We laughed our heads off at a demolition derby. The cars flipped and caught on fire!
-I shot a clay pigeon first try!!
-We ate sushi and The Chocolate more than we should have.
-I turned 21! Aaaand got completely spoiled.
-Chase and I had an 11 month Anniversary. Woot!
-Officially changed my license to "Ashley Richards"
-We had a blast having a "couples sleepover" at Haiz and Brads. LOVE them!!
-We packed up our stuff and took off to Vegas to watch my girl Stacey dance in Cirque.. AMAZING!
-Spent time in Vegas out by the pool, with stac and drank cookie shakes with my cute mom and dad!
-We Ooed and awwed to season finale of the Bachelotte! #obsessed
-Loved every second that we got to spend with Grandpa & Grandma Hansen and Curt & Terry!
-Batman came out and im kickin myself for falling asleep. I heard it was GREAT?
-THE 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS STARTED!! I plan to live on my couch.

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