Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey, It's Drive In Time!

Last night, Chase and I got the pleasure of going to a drive in with these little cuties! I forgot how much I love to just kick back and watch a good movie under the stars. We all ate gummy worms and chocolate covered pretzels until we felt sick! It was a good ol' time cuddling with these two as we watched, "What to Expect When Expecting" and "Madagascar."


               Ah! Jade brings out a side of me that no one else can! She immediately brings back my childhood. We could reminisce for hours about all the times we played jobs, collected nail polish, ate rolos, matched outfits, chased chickens, dressed my cat, ate mac-n-cheese with hot dogs and set up my basement to play "house." I feel so lucky to have the cutest cousin in the world!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Know it is a Fabulous Day When...

My husband has a Saturday off work. I get so giddy thinking about having a whole day to just hang. So what do we do? Wake up at the crack of dawn, load up the car and hit Provo river. There is just something about watching Chase do what he loves{fishing} while being swept away by the fresh air, the sound of running water and a good book that captivates my thoughts.  It was a perfect morning and something I can see us doing a lot more of.

Friday, June 22, 2012

To The Men I Love...

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! I know this post is a little late. But better late than never!
 Happy Fathers day to my darling Grandpa Bob. Thank you for raising some of my favorite woman in the entire world. Your love and passion for life means everything.

  Happy Fathers Day to this BABE! Even though Chase is not technically a father, I still wanted to celebrate this day because I am pretty excited that he is my future babies daddy.  This guy is the whole package and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a wonderful dad to our kids.  So Happy fathers day to you my love, and to the man who raised your right. 
Love you Chaser!

Happy fathers day to the best dad in the entire world! 
I cant help but look back on my life and think all the good times we have spent together. Whether it be singing Tim Mcgraw at the top of our lungs, staying up all night talking about history and politics or just getting thrown in the air at Grandpa Bobs pool, my dad will always be one of my best friends. I think we are so close because our brians work the exact same; he sees and understands everything the same way that I do. I honestly believe the greatest gift a father can give his daughter is just love for her mother. He accomplished that plus so much more. My dad showed me how every woman should be treated and through his example, I found the man of my dreams!  My dads compassion, advice, hard work, and smile will stick with me forever. Gosh I love that guy with all my heart. I cannot wait for all the years to come!! 

Best Friends Forever and Ever Dad.
Love, Ash

Friday, June 8, 2012

Itchin' to go Fishin'

Our two little fishing kings have been Itchin' to go fishin'... we packed up the car (literally to the ceiling) and took a little camping trip to strawberry lake! Marykate and I were quick to find out that our husbands are literally OBSESSED with fishing. Yep, Chase even SLEEPS with his new knife. ahhh!!! Chase and I love Bryan & Marykate, we are grateful they don't get sick of us because we could literally hangout with them every day. You know this was a successful camping trip when you got matching tents, yummy food, a peaceful day, cooler full of new fish and lots of fun memories. We are pretty stoked about our 1st camping trip!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

May...You Were Good To Us.

Flashback on May 2012 

-Chase and I hiked to the Y for the second time EVER    -We had a dance party in our kitchen
-Had our first Otterpops to start summer off right         -We went to our 1st Real Soccer Game
-Bb hit two Doubles and a Single in her softball game!   -We beat Mario's world on the wii'
-I got to spend a whole day City Creak for the first with  -Summer Classes Started... boo
my cute sissy, Morgan                                                            -We made homemade salsa 8 times...
-Happy sumo was our restaurant of choice=obsessed     -We had our 9 month anniversary!
-I made caramel popcorn for the 1st time ever. yum!  -We slept in our fort for 1 week straight
-Bachelorette started and Chase secretly loves it              -I took Morgans Senior Pictures
-We carried on the tradition of celebrating Mothers      -We got our first sunburns of the year
day at Silverfork!                                                                     -Attended our first BYU soccer game
-We watched Mo play her last softball game for Alta    -Chase went golfing with my dad twice

Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Memorial Day

Our memorial day was quite memorable! I felt all giddy and jittery inside because I could have a WHOLE day with Chase ALL TO MYSELF. Since Chase and I are both going to school and working right now, we haven't really had the chance to enjoy the summer sun! So, we spent the day at the gym,  in the sun, eating yummy food, going swimmin, having a  BBQ and going golfing!  I would say that it was definitely a much needed day off.

ANNND we got to eat our first REAL otter pops of the summer.  yeah baby!