Thursday, June 7, 2012

May...You Were Good To Us.

Flashback on May 2012 

-Chase and I hiked to the Y for the second time EVER    -We had a dance party in our kitchen
-Had our first Otterpops to start summer off right         -We went to our 1st Real Soccer Game
-Bb hit two Doubles and a Single in her softball game!   -We beat Mario's world on the wii'
-I got to spend a whole day City Creak for the first with  -Summer Classes Started... boo
my cute sissy, Morgan                                                            -We made homemade salsa 8 times...
-Happy sumo was our restaurant of choice=obsessed     -We had our 9 month anniversary!
-I made caramel popcorn for the 1st time ever. yum!  -We slept in our fort for 1 week straight
-Bachelorette started and Chase secretly loves it              -I took Morgans Senior Pictures
-We carried on the tradition of celebrating Mothers      -We got our first sunburns of the year
day at Silverfork!                                                                     -Attended our first BYU soccer game
-We watched Mo play her last softball game for Alta    -Chase went golfing with my dad twice

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