Thursday, July 12, 2012

June Flashbacks!!

Im sad that June has come to an end. That means one month closer to winter and school. However, JUNE been a FABULOUS month! It was full of fun, lazy summer days. Definitely some that I never want to forget!

-Chase and I went to Draper Pool for the first time together (brought back some great memories)
-Seven Peaks Opened!!
-We somehow had a camping obsession and went 3 weekends in a row... Im secretly sick of S'mores.
-Chase caught a total of five fish this month, we ate a total of... ZERO :(
-Morgan graduated from Alta High School! CONGRATS little Lady!
-I started my first day at a dental office and bought my first pair of scrubs! Ahhh!
-We slept with Hailey and Brad Devine... in a tent. That giggly night will never be forgotten!
-Mary Kate and I started a strict work out. I plan to be sore everyday from now on..for...ever.

-We celebrated Fathers Day by going to Market Street Grill, played a little mini-golf (My dad won) and then we went swimming at Grandpa Bobs!
-My cousin Mandy and roommate Micah got married. Both had BEAUTIFUL weddings!

-Chase and I slept on our air mattress a total of 8 times. (getting out of control)
-We went to our first drive in this summer, with Dallin and Jadey Bug. Our treats consisted of chocolate covered pretzels and sour gummy worms!

-The absolute BEST part of June was going to Arizona/North Dakota to see Chase's family. We have missed them so incredibly much.

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