Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nice To Meet You North Dakota!

 Chase and I have been looking forward to going to North Dakota for months! I almost never wanted our trip to come because I didn't want it to be over too fast. haha and  I was right, it FLEW right by! We had a complete blast!!
I had never been to North Dakota before and little did I know, I was in for a TREAT!  The scenery in Dickinson, ND is absolutely GORGEOUS. Everything is so flat, green and beautiful. I instantly fell in love with Canola Fields and the straight lines that every farm makes in the ground. 

This picture above is Grandpa and Grandma Pavlicek. He is 94 and she is 86, they are both going strong! It was so good to spend time with these two. They are very special people. Grandpa Pav kept repeating how grateful he was that we came to visit him. I could tell it meant a lot.

This was our whole crew at the Dickinson Parade! I couldn't decide if I liked watching the parade full of tractors, old cars and dressed up clowns or... all the farmers that made it out to the parade. It was a complete hoot!!




  I don't believe your trip to North Dakota is complete, until you stop at a dairy farm. I haven't been able to drink milk since! Just kidding.  I can definitely cross off "Milk a Cow" from my bucket list. Chase can mark off "Drink fresh milk from a cow Utter." Gross!

 My absolute favorite part of going to North Dakota was just hanging out on the family wheat farm. We did everything from shot gun shooting to four wheeling and even  tractors!!


 This was a complete blast! We went to this place that had over a thousand of different flavors of soda. I'm talkin' everything from pumpkin pie, cucumber, blue berry and even martian pee! We all chose one that we were curious about, then went home and sampled each and every one! Some were surprsingly really yummy! Afterwards, our stomachs felt like a balloon ready to pop!

  Farewell, North Dakota! We will definitely miss playing in your long wheat, visiting our family, strolling on four wheelers and your amazing sunsets!!

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