Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Sissy!!

Happy Birthday To My Darling Little Sis, Morgan.
Yesterday was her 19th birthday. 19th! My goodness... I can't even believe how fast it's gone.

I just love this girl with all my heart. From the day she was born, she has always been a little ball of sunshine.  Morg has grown into such a beautiful young woman and is the sweetest and most outgoing girl I have ever met. Her yellow, spontaneous personality can sometimes get her into trouble.... but man oh man, we LOVE her for it. She is always a good time.
My very favorite childhood memories all include Morgan. I will never forget holding hands everywhere we went while she called me sissy. We spent our summers dressing barbies, building sand castles in our back yard, begging mom to let us get another ice cream bar and playing 'school' for hours on end. Morgan really is one of my best friends and I'm pretty dang lucky to grow old with her.

Can't wait to see where the rest of our lives will take us....
... and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNIS. Love you.

 My parents celebrated by taking this little sweet cheek out to dinner at Asian Star. I thought I died and went to heaven.. it was THAT good. 

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  1. Nominated you for an award on my blog my cute blogger girl. I envy your blogging skills :) love you! Miss you!