Saturday, May 19, 2012

To The Chef I Love,

                   There are countless reasons why I absolutely love being a wife.  I think it's because it comes along with having a husband....haha (duh) We have been married for a little over nine months and I still don't think it has completely settled in. Chase and I still say "I cannot believe were married!!" haha we are such dorks. But I am not going to has been a HUGE adjustment. I never realized how much busier my life could get! As soon as we got married I remember feeling a little overwhelmed. (I still get overwhelmed)  It's hard to get in a routine of making full on dinners every night, doing laundry for two, budgeting money to pay for bills, making sure the house is clean and organized. As well as finding time to go to school, study, go to the gym, work AND have a little "us" time.  I really don't think I could do it all without Chase!
                   One of my favorite things about him is how great he can cook! My goodness, I will totally admit that he is a way better cook than I am. This kid pulls off "restaurant type" meals and he thoroughly enjoys it! I love our part of the day where we can spend time bonding in the kitchen. He has taught me more than I ever knew! The best part is that everything he cooks is healthy and so yummy. So today, I would like to thank my personal little Chef!

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