Friday, December 7, 2012

Introducing you... to The Newest Hygiene Student!!

I guess you could say... I am ready to rip my hair out. If you asked me what my least favorite week is in the whole year, my answer would be....FINALS week. Which is going on right. about. now. And the fact that I just want to be outside enjoying all the christmas lights, listening to christmas music, and hanging out with my man...makes it so much worse. But it is all going to be okay becuse I have a huge announcement to make on my pretty little blog.....
I want to tell you exactly how that special moment went down in history.

I woke up on a regular Wednesday morning, grabbed the mail and casually started sorting through the pile. Just until my hands got a hold of a particular letter with the big letters UCDH (Utah College of Dental Hygiene) in the upper left-hand corner.   My.heart.stopped.   A normal human would rip that bad boy open within one second but I just couldn't help but stare. I noticed that it was far too thin and little to be some type of vicory letter. So mentally, I prepared for the worst news. I started racking my brain on how I was going to break the news to Chase. So very slowly, and sadly, I opened the letter and read at the top:

CONGRATULATIONS Ashley Richards!!! We are excited to announce that you have been accepted to the January 2013 Dental Hygiene program here at UCDH.....

I couldn't even keep reading, I immediately fell to my knees and started balling like a baby. I stayed curled up in a ball and couldnt help but cry out a prayer of thanks to my heavenly father. I felt so lucky, blessed, excited, scared and ready for this new chapter in my life. I felt like all my hard work had actually paid off! The husb and I celebrated over Martinelli and a delicious sushi dinner.
Since then, I have bought my four pair of wine colored scrubs, a lab coat with my initials embroidered above the left pocket, got my CPR license, had a physical and have gotten 11 immunizations (I know.) I have been a busy busy girl. So please excuse my absence dear friends.